The Gateway

The Crucialfest 7 Main Event is happening at The Gateway over Labor Day weekend, Sep 2nd & 3rd from 12pm-10pm. The Gateway is located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and is currently undergoing a rebirth as the premier spot for nightlife and culture. With its natural barriers, parking availability, public transit access, and open-air environment, this all ages venue lends familiarity and added legitimacy to Crucialfest’s goals. Two main stages, placed in the Olympic Fountain area will showcase our headlining and touring artists, while a third stage (located inside the former Apple Store) will be dedicated exclusively to some of our favorite up-and-coming local bands. A dedicated VIP area at the upper balcony will provide good visibility of the main stage as well as additional amenities. A variety of food trucks will be serving locally-made cuisine along the edges of Rio Grande. The Main Event will also be complemented by experience rooms in vacant storefronts at the Gateway including film showings, art galleries, markets, charging stations, and more.

Outside of the main event, Crucialfest will host four kickoff evening showcases Aug. 31st - Sept. 1st. VIP & 4-Day ticket holders (21+) will receive free entry these events and can choose their venue based on whether they prefer rock music (Urban Lounge) or electronic/dance performances (Metro Music Hall).

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