CF4: Randy

- Mar 24, 2014

Randy's has been around for longer than most of us. For the past 35 years Randy has been digging through dusty crates of vinyl so you don't have to. What's better than that right? 

Randy's records decided to sponsor this year in large part due to Chris (let's give her a big hand), but it ultimately was Randy' decision " You know what, we should be doing more stuff like this in Salt Lake". You know Randy ? You're totally right. 

Make sure to stop by Randy's on April 19 for Utah's largest selection of exclusive Record Store Day titles. And if you havent been to one of their dollar sales (its way better than scrounging at the DI) go to and see when the next one is going down. 


Thanks again Randy and Chris! 

CF4: Headliners Announced!

- Mar 24, 2014

And the headliners for #Crucialfest 4 are...

Red Fang 
Big Business 
Call of the Void 
Eagle Twin 
Kowloon Walled City
Black Sheep Wall
Cult Leader
Gravecode Nebula 
Heartless Breakers 
American Sharks

Take a look at the full line up on the right hand side of the page. 



CF3: Day 4 Recap

- Mar 24, 2014

CF3: Day 4 recap! 

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CF4 Bands

  • Red Fang

  • Iceburn

  • Parallax

  • Big Business

  • Helms Alee

  • Eagle Twin

  • Kowloon Walled City

  • Wolvserpent

  • Cult Leader

  • SubRosa

  • Black Sheep Wall

  • Call of the Void

  • Eons

  • Name

  • God's Revolver

  • Gaytheist

  • Diesto

  • Reproacher

  • Teeph

  • Armed for Apocolypse

  • Abrams

  • Badass Magic

  • American Sharks

  • Of Feather and Bone

  • Worst Friends

  • Gravecode Nebula

  • Armpigs

  • Baby Gurl

  • Borasca

  • Cicadas

  • Danger Hailstorm

  • Die Off

  • Done

  • Dwellers

  • Heartless Breakers

  • Huldra


  • Jetty

  • La Verkin

  • Light/Black

  • Making Fvck

  • Oldtimer

  • Oxcross

  • Pest Rulz

  • Scalps

  • The Moths

  • The Obliterate Plague

  • The Troubles

  • Top Dead Celebrity

  • Turbo Chugg

  • Visigoth

  • Yaktooth

  • Temples


Coming Soon

CrucialFest 4: Louder Still

Salt Lake City's Loudest Homegrown Music Festival:

The 4th annual CrucialFest runs June 4-7, 2014 in downtown SLC and features 50 bands and performers. Showcases take place at Salt Lake City metro-area venues including local favorites Kilby Court and The Urban Lounge. Previous headliners include locals Gaza, Loom, Muscle Hawk, Eagle Twin, Red Bennies, SubRosa, & Night Sweats, alongside notable national acts like Burning Love, Judgement Day, Author & Punisher, Shelter Red, Witch Mountain, Black Elk, and Norska. This year we have been working hard on a line up that we know people will be excited about!

Who we are:

Exigent Records specializes in releasing music and developing artists from the Wasatch Front. Our passion for music is matched only by our love for our hometown. Proceeds from Crucialfest support local and regional talent and the recording and distribution of local music on a national level. Your patronage directly supports our local culture and economy!

Jarom Bischoff : Event Director

Owner of Exigent Records Jarom Bischoff founded Crucial Fest in 2011. He did it with the intent of building a national festival where he could see all his favorite bands, but more so to cultivate and promote local music of which he is a huge believer. Jarom has a deep passion for writing, performing, and recording music. He currently plays drums in Worst Friends and performs solo occasionally as Harmon's Heart.

Please feel free to contact Jarom at:


Coming Soon